# Frequently Asked Questions

# SDK Size

# Android SDK Size

Storyly Android SDK AAR file size is under 1mb. It may slightly vary between versions, you can check Maven Central Repository (opens new window).

# iOS SDK Size

Storyly iOS SDK binary framework(xcframework) file size is about 23mb, but this does not mean your application size will increase this much. It will be much more lower due to iOS packaging strategies that will explained in the following sections;

Firstly, the Storyly framework contains binaries for several architectures(32-bit simulator, 64-bit simulator, 64-bit devices, arm devices). Simulator archs' framework size is about 5,5mb and device archs' framework size is about 17,5mb. Because the binaries related to simulator will not be uploaded to the app store, we can focus on device archs' framework size. Also, Apple uses App Thinning (opens new window) to deliver only the required architecture to the user's device, meaning App Store size and the installed size on device will be different(reduced size on device).

Secondly, the Storyly framework contains bitcode, which is used by Apple to recompile the binary on their side to make optimizations before release. Note that, it's not delivered to the user after Apple's server side changes. You can also check the effect of bitcode to the size of framework, run xcrun bitcode_strip -r Storyly -o Storyly(spoiler alert, we've observed about %80 size reduce, 3,5mb).

To sum up, Storyly iOS SDK size will not directly affect your application size due to iOS platforms and Apple App Store's design specialities.

Please also check our Storyly Showcase (opens new window), which also contains other features in addition to Storyly. Its size is about 40mb in App Store, but it takes 30mb in device(test device is iPhone XR). You can also check from Settings->General->iPhone/iPad Storage.


This page is prepared using Storyly iOS SDK 1.15.0 (opens new window).